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  • What types of roofs do you install? What types of roofs do you repair?
    We install TPO, EPDM, PVC, Cold Process Modified and Shingle Roofs. We repair all roofing systems.
  • What is your four step process entail, when trying to locate a roof leak?
    Our four step process includes: Locate leak area inside structure and gather information on leak history Pin point exact location of water infiltration inside structure. We use a two man tapping system to locate leak area on rooftop Investigate all laps, penetrations, HVAC, and drains over leak area After locating possible problems, or defects, we will perform a water test if needed to recreate the leak.
  • Should I repair/replace damaged shingles or should I replace my whole roof?
    Roof repair or replacement depends on the condition or damage of the roof. You can make repairs to almost any roofing system, just because you have a few missing shingles or a roof leak does not mean that you need a new roof. Call the roofing experts at Sander Contracting 330.990.9063 and request a roof inspection to see if your roof is repairable.
  • How often does a roof need to be replaced?
    Most roofs need to be replaced every 15 to 30 years.
  • How do I know if my roof needs to be replaced?
    Call Sander Contracting 330.990.9063 for a roof and insulation inspection.
  • Do you offer roof inspections?
    Yes, Sander Contracting offers roof inspections and maintenance on all types of roofing.
  • How do I know if my roof is properly vented and flashed?
    After roof Inspection we will be able to tell if you have proper roof ventilation. Most common problems with poor ventilation is roof warping and buckling. Condensation can also be a problem with poor ventilation.
  • Do you work with insurance companies for roofing storm damage repairs?
    Yes, Sander Contracting, works with insurance companies on damaged roofing replacement and repairs.
  • What types of masonry projects do you specialize in?
    Sander Contracting specializes in all aspects involving masonry, including brick, block, cast stone and cultured stone on residential and commercial projects.
  • Can you repair a damaged/leaking/crumbling chimney?
    Yes, Sander Contracting can do full repairs whether it’s due to leaks or just age and weathering. This can include caps, flu liners, tear down and rebuild, or tuckpointing.
  • What is tuckpointing and how do I know if I need it done to my home?
    Tuckpointing is when mortar joints have started to deteriorate or crack, which allows water to get in. This will also make the problem worse over time. To address this, Sander Contracting grinds out the mortar joints that need attention and will fill back in with new mortar to seal the area.
  • Do you provide thin stone veneer services?
    Yes, Sander Contracting works with multiple suppliers for a wide range of selections for both residential and commercial thin stone veneers.
  • Do you provide renovation services?
    Yes, Sander Contracting can provide services including cutting in new openings in masonry, infilling openings and cutting out and replacing deteriorated lintels. Sander Contracting also provides any necessary shoring required to do the project.
  • Can you match the brick or other masonry material used on my home or commercial building?
    Yes, Sander Contracting has many suppliers and manufacturers that we work with to help get the best match possible. Depending on the age of the existing brick, even an exact match will have a slight difference, due to the weathering and aging of the existing brick.
  • How often should brick or stone be repointed?
    Generally, you want to visually inspect your masonry every five years. Repointing usually isn’t needed until 20+ years, but if there is foundation settlement or the masonry was not installed properly it can happen much sooner.
  • I am interested in a new floor, how does the process work?
    Sander Contracting will set up an appointment with you and go over styles and take accurate measurements. Once the customer has chosen a floor type we can then begin the flooring installation process.
  • Can you bring samples to my location or do you have a gallery that I can view flooring samples and products at?
    Sander Contracting brings all flooring samples to your home or business so that the customer can get an accurate look and feel of the flooring products.
  • Can you install new flooring over an existing floor?
    Yes you can install new flooring over an existing floor if the conditions are right for it, this will all depend on the existing flooring product.
  • Do you replace moldings with your flooring installations?
    Sander Contracting can replace moldings and trim work, if the costumer requests new moldings.
  • If my subfloor is damaged, what needs to be done before installing my new flooring?
    Sander Contracting will need to remove the old flooring and repair the subfloor, or replace subfloor, before new flooring can be installed.
  • What brands of flooring do you recommend or work with?
    Some of Sander Contracting's most popular flooring brands include: SmartCore®, Armstrong Flooring, Pergo and Shaw Floors.
  • Do you move furniture in the room being resurfaced? Or will we need to do that prior to your arrival?
    The furniture should be removed completely if possible, we can move upon request it in certain situations.
  • Can you install backsplashes and tile accent walls?
    Yes we can install both decorative backsplashes and tile accent walls.
  • Do you provide both residential and commercial flooring installation?
    Sander Contracting installs both commercial and residential flooring.
  • Will my new flooring need to be delivered prior to installation to "acclimate" to the temperature and humidity of my home or business?
    Yes, flooring needs to acclimate to the temperatures and environment of the room it is being installed in. Sander Contracting will walk you through the process after the flooring type is chosen.
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